it’s currently raining and grey outside. I left the house this morning, jumped on the bus with Penny and Sparrow ringing through my ears, whilst trying to avoid any possible eye contact with the other human beings on the bus. however, one lady caught my eye and a smile was shared between us – it’s nice when humanity shows through in others.

10am is a very quiet time of day, a lot quieter than I’d realised as one of my earphones fell out of my ear, exposing me to the quiet stillness of the day. it was bliss. I walked into the coffee shop, ordering my coconut flat white and sat down to study a little for the day. upon leaving at 12.30pm, the difference struck me. the slow, still hum of 10am had gone, and was now replaced with the noise of roadworks and the hurry of cars and people rushing to and fro.

the odd, yet seemingly mundane events of this morning reminded me of the different seasons in life. around april to june, things seem to quieten down, with students revising for exams and cramming 1 to 2 years of knowledge into their heads to get the best results that they can. then come july and august, with the hustle and bustle of summer, spring forgotten – people leaving to enjoy the sun elsewhere in the world; hiking in the highlands; or giving themselves a moment to breathe after the stress of the previous months. come september to november, the rush of returning to school and day jobs is phased out by the falling of the leaves, and the symbolising of nature preparing for a season of rest. whilst, we humans, spend time from december through to march rushing around searching for Christmas gifts, making things ‘all merry and bright’, whilst stuffing our faces then burning off what we’ve eaten come new years. the fading out of the Christmas and new years rush come february, brings stillness and reflection that wasn’t given in the previous months gone. leaving a hesitant yet satisfying peacefulness through ’til march.

being still is a skill, it requires patience, humility and dedication in seeking what you want from within. to understand your behaviour, or merely sitting and admiring the beauty (or lack of it) of the simple, yet mundane things in life. I’m not really sure where I’m going with this trail of thought, but I guess what I’m trying to say is that sometimes, it’s good to just sit and be still. life doesn’t always have to be a rush, it doesn’t always have to be busy, leading to you overworking yourself and burning out.

it’s okay to stop sometimes, and just be still.

there is nothing wrong in taking a moment to appreciate where you’ve come and where you are going, to catch your breath and refresh before taking the next step. life doesn’t always need to be rushed. sit with me a moment: let’s think of it as a long road trip, where, sometimes you know where you’re headed, and sometimes you don’t – but you  aren’t necessarily in a rush to get there, because you know you’ll get to your destination in the end. you enjoy the view of the hills, the mountains, the forests, the empty stretch of road as you are guided by your driver, your friend, along the road. take a moment to appreciate the view, and realise that you are more than enough in this moment. life doesn’t always have to be rushed – it’s okay to be still. you’ll get to your destination, and you’ll appreciate the view even more, because you took the steps, time and patience to get there. giving yourself time to equally work and rest, so you have the energy needed to carry on.

it’s okay to allow yourself to catch your breath and trust the process.  maybe, this mid-week, take a moment to pause and catch your breath, and be still.


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