thank you for adding light to my day with your warm smile. the world needs more people like you. those that smile at random strangers, those that don’t know how such a small act of kindness could easily lift a person’s mood, and turn a cloudy day into a sunny one.

you see, university has been hard, and sometimes life is tiring and you wonder why you’re doing the things you’re doing. why you’re pursuing that idea you had when you were six, or the dreams you’ve had at 20 to do more with yourself, and more for the world. to be better, to do better not only for yourself but for other people in your life. and it may be completely random, or strange to tell you any of this, but your smile and your yellow scarf gave me a little hope in knowing that my hard work is not in vain. the work that we do for others, and ourselves is not in vain and each human being on this earth has value. 

it cost you nothing to smile at me, and it cost me nothing to smile back. your joy was evident, and it radiated through you; encountering you made my day. small acts of kindness give people hope, they give me hope in humanity. thank you.

I hope you keep smiling at strangers, I hope you and your yellow scarf bring more joy to those that you randomly cross paths with.

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