everyone experiences joy differently.

she is embedded within each of us because of how we are created. and despite the similarity of our organs, outwardly we differ in the same way joy differs within each of us. she is wired, shaped and moulded differently in each person, as no star in the sky is the same ball of gas; our bodies primary function is undistinguishably survival, but even so, it and our minds uniquely belong to each individual one of us. and love, peace, hope, they can vary in their meaning to each human, in being that I may find joy in the rain, but in others it may be found in the sunshine; or where I may dance with joy during 3am dance parties, the dazzle of the sun glistening in its early arrival, feet chasing body, mind running free, may be where another finds joy.

I think it’s expected to round up asking what joy is to you? what brings that inexplainable moment of happiness where all the Spirit’s fruits are ripened and fashioned into one form ready to eat, in giving and receiving, in being and living? but ending that way limits joy. we expect her to be in the big moments, in the glimmer of times where hope exists and life feels perfect; where the stars are aligned, and there’s chance to set your intentions and goals, steer your life in the direction you so desire. but, here is exactly where we limit joy. we try and contain her, breaking her spirit and stripping her of her basic right to exist as she is. we must learn to embody and pursue the fruits, but we must also give them space to exist as they are and in doing so, we must leave joy to exist as she is.

we need to give her space to seep into our pores during late night and early morning showers, allowing her time to wipe off hidden truths and fragments of false presentations that rid us of opportunities to display the reality of who we are. we must give her room to let her light pour through the windows without trying to put the blinds up.

joy isn’t happiness.

their names may liken to some but, one we choose and abide in, the other is fleeting and based upon our emotions. joy, is a choice. she is a verb, yet simultaneously an emotion that can be embedded within every part of our lives, giving her space to cling to every breath, hair, thought and taste we encounter. we’re allowed to hold her close.

friend, you are allowed to choose joy; it is okay to let her love you in the midst of pain. she will open the blinds, water the plants, turn the volume up on that song you love more than anything, and she will pour every ounce of her being into you because that’s why she’s here. she will make a home within your home – she’s here for you. she’s here to be her namesake.

it’s okay to choose joy, especially in the midst of hurt. that’s when you’ll need her most, friend.

make room and let her build a home within you.

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