on the subject of; concerning.

Abiy is a multidisciplinary creative, who also has a love for all things mental health and works to provide a voice for people who have mental illnesses. Her experience and degrees in psychology and the mental health sector are reflective in her work, in that compassion, safety and understanding embed her writing.

A lover of aesthetically pleasing and caffeinated, both aspects frequent in her work – Abiy’s writing, art and photography aim to navigate you toward finding a home within yourself, through seeking beauty in the mundane. This ‘site was formed out of her love for books, music and the need to place her thoughts into one corner of the internet, as people watching often leads to rumination and understanding that we all simply want to be seen, heard and loved as we are.

so, take your time with reading. grab a drink, coffee, tea, juice, hot chocolate or some water, and sit with Abiy and her words.

(all photos on this site are taken by Abiy Babatunde)